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Thank Ya

2015-06-06 03:27:51 by TheHoodedFiend

For the people who has taken and is taking the time to listen to my tracks, THANK YA! I know I'm not the most professional or popular or anything like that but still making music and still y'all are listening,  My music prowess is growing and so are my audience, so once again thanks. More to come!


-_=_- Hoods


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2015-06-06 12:33:59

Hell yeah! Keep making it because it's something you love to do. Looking forward to more you put out!

TheHoodedFiend responds:

Arigatō Arigatō, I love doing it and I listen to plenty of artists that keep me going with motivation. I may not have found niche or something like that just yet, but I will make new stuff and post here. Now I shall eat food, I'm fahckin' hungry lol