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Question about feedback.

2016-10-09 17:56:08 by TheHoodedFiend

Hey people, quick question. I get a big handful of views on some of my songs, but I barely get any ratings or comments on them though. I'm no pro composer by any means but feedback would be awesome. But big thanks to the poeple who left comments and critiques. More music is coming your way! -_=_- 


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2016-10-09 18:38:59

I used to get a lot of reviews back in the day. Now, I usually don't get more than one review unless my track gets featured. Although I do get lucky sometimes.
I left you a review, you're actually pretty good. The mixing and mastering was perfect on that track.

TheHoodedFiend responds:

Thanks man, I do appreciate it! I know people on the site mainly focus around the animators as far as I know, though I could be wrong.