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Music Drop Coming Soon

2017-07-20 22:49:01 by TheHoodedFiend

Dropping a few songs tomorrow. 

Be sure check em when they come in.

I did a thing! Go check it out!

2017-04-02 16:04:32 by TheHoodedFiend

Been a while since I uploaded. I missed making music.


Bored. Here's a thing.

2017-02-26 13:47:45 by TheHoodedFiend


Stopping to say hi

2017-01-19 18:40:20 by TheHoodedFiend

Hey how everyone doing?4504091_148486920313_Wallet.png

Question about feedback.

2016-10-09 17:56:08 by TheHoodedFiend

Hey people, quick question. I get a big handful of views on some of my songs, but I barely get any ratings or comments on them though. I'm no pro composer by any means but feedback would be awesome. But big thanks to the poeple who left comments and critiques. More music is coming your way! -_=_- 

'Ello there peeps

2016-05-01 23:25:03 by TheHoodedFiend

I need to start making posts more often. 

I got some more music in the works!

Stay listening! -_=_- 

Musical Styles

2015-11-25 00:38:41 by TheHoodedFiend

I really do feel like I'm getting better at this at my own pace. Getting there, getting there.

Wow, 614 Play and 455 Downloads. I was quite surprised when I came back to check how things were going thn I see that! Y'all really do like that song eh? Halloween is coming around soon, so what shall I do next?

More samples and pads

2015-06-14 03:53:54 by TheHoodedFiend

I think I want.. MORE SAMPLES.. and.. PADS!!

Thank Ya

2015-06-06 03:27:51 by TheHoodedFiend

For the people who has taken and is taking the time to listen to my tracks, THANK YA! I know I'm not the most professional or popular or anything like that but still making music and still y'all are listening,  My music prowess is growing and so are my audience, so once again thanks. More to come!


-_=_- Hoods